What Can and Can’t Be Recycled

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There are 7 types of plastic which display the “chasing arrows” recycling logo.  In fact, only a few types are recycled due to cost and environmental factors.   



Glass bottles and jars can be recycled.  Items that are not recyclable include ceramics, tableware, window panes, mirrors, light bulbs, and heat resistant containers (such as Pyrex).


Paper and Cardboard

Most paper items including newspapers, junk mail, writing paper, and cardboard can be recycled.


Aluminum cans are great items to recycle.  Making a can by recycling uses 90 percent less energy and produces significantly fewer emissions than making that can from mined material.

Non-Recyclable Materials

Dispose of your household trash at our facility.  The cost is only 3.5 cents per pound so, for example, it’s only 70 cents for a 20 pound trash bag.

Automotive and Metal Appliances

Motor oil in two gallon containers or smaller, antifreeze, and auto batteries are accepted.  Disposal of tires and brush is available too.  Unfortunately we are no longer able to accept computers, cell phones, and flat screen TV’s.